Voting Issues

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Recent injustices in voting, advocacy, and policy leaves marginalized communities confused and even disempowered. The Howard University School of Social Work (#husswvotes) responds by charging for 100% commitment from students and faculty to pledge (#votingissocialwork) and take action. 

The campaign functions with three cornerstones: education, registration, and mobilization. We will educate the HUSSW community through our social media platforms, presentations, and community events. Are you registered? If not or if you are not sure about your status, then we will guide you to the best online resources including Howard Turbovote and Voting is Social Work. Don't forget about your family, friends, and clients! Social Workers have access to millions of Americans everyday. Let's use our grassroots power to create systemic change in voting and civic duty. Lastly, we aim to mobilize our community to get to the polls by providing resources and tips. 

If you are interested in contributing your skills, expertise, and knowledge to the campaign, please email


ACTION Alert: Visit to take the pledge and share your success on Social Media.

Make sure to tag @husswvotes and use our hashtags: #husswvotes, #husswcares, and #votingissocialwork





Are you a student? Click here for resources from the "Your Vote, Your Voice" campaign.