How Do I Become a Howard Prepared Social Worker? The journey begins in Admissions.

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Howard University School of Social Work takes pride in the philosophy of The Black Perspective and ensuring that our students are ready to face the issues found in communities including poverty, imprisonment, and mental health.

Application deadline:

Spring - November 1st  Fall - April 1st  

We are very pleased that you are considering the Howard University School of Social Work for your graduate school work education. We offer the MSW program, the PhD program, the MSW/MDiv program, the MSW/MBA program, and the upcoming MSW/MPH program.

Few social work programs in the United States can claim as rich a legacy and heritage as Howard's. The goals and objectives of the School of Social Work emphasize preparation of advanced level MSW professionals to practice at the local, national and international levels for the solution of human problems and to become leaders in their communities.

Our doctoral (PhD) graduates are prepared for the professoriate, research and leadership. Both masters and doctoral graduates are expected to become architects of liberating structures in communities that are empowered to serve the best interests of all their members. Leadership is our hallmark. Oppression and social and economic injustice are among our prime targets.