The Howard University School of Social Work has a core of excellent facilities for teaching and research.

Image of Students

Classrooms in the School's main facility, Inabel Lindsay Hall, are equipped with leading-edge soft board technology and multimedia connections for desktop PCs, personal laptop computers, VCRs, and DVD players. Lindsay Hall also houses the computer laboratory and the doctoral student laboratory.

By virtue of the School's Washington, DC location, students and faculty have access to library resources, including the Library of Congress and the specialized libraries of the National Institutes of Health and the National Institute of Mental Health. Membership in the Washington, DC Consortium of Universities provides students access to libraries of all the major colleges and universities in the area.

The School's research facilities include the E. Franklin Frazier Center for Social Work Research, the location for major faculty and staff funded research, projects, and conferences. The Baker's Dozen Family and Community Resource and Research Center provides space for research, demonstration projects, and collaborative efforts with local residents and neighborhoods and community organizations that are producing research-based knowledge for practice, policy, and interventions to solve human problems. The Multidisciplinary Center for Gerontology hosts interdisciplinary collaborations for research, education, and training in gerontology.