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At the heart of our vibrant community lies a commitment to learning, professional growth, and advocacy rooted in the six pillars of the Black Perspective. We invite you to explore our upcoming events designed to inspire, educate, and empower students, faculty, and professionals in the field of social work. Our events provide opportunities for engagement, learning and collaboration reflecting our values of inclusivity, diversity, and excellence. 


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View below previous events hosted by the School of Social Work. 

Promoting Mental Health Services Among Black Refugees

Dr. Altaf Husain, Associate Professor and Chair of the Community, Administration, and Policy Practice, presentation titled "Promoting Mental Health Services Among Black Refugees." shed light on the racial and mental health obstacles encountered by black refugees during their transition and/or resettlement into the United States. In this webinar he addresses the intricacies of these challenges and proposed culturally sensitive approaches that could serve as invaluable tools in aiding this vulnerable demographic.  

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HU Intersection of Social Work & the Arts -Two Deans Dialogue in 2024

Dean Sandra Edmonds Crewe, an influential figure in the field of social work, and Dean Phylicia Rashad, a trailblazer in the arts, engage in a dynamic conversation delving into the many facets and pathways connecting social work and the arts historically, in present times and suggest what may be opportunities for the future. Their discussion highlighted the ways in which these two disciplines intersect and contribute to meaningful social change.

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The State of Black Men in America

MSW alumnus Kevin Thomas led a panel of distinguished male figures in the Black community for an essential discussion on "The State of Black Men in America." The panel also featured Dr. Robert Cosby, Associate Professor, Assistant Dean of Administration at the Howard University School of Social Work and Director of the Multidisciplinary Gerontology Center at Howard University.

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Addressing Mental Health Challenges Among African Americans Diagnosed with HIV

Dr. Kendall Moody, Assistant Professor of Social Work, presented a webinar on "Addressing Mental Health Challenges Among African Americans Diagnosed with HIV." Dr. Moody shed light on the many challenges faced by individuals in the African American community diagnosed with HIV and empowered us with strategies to identify and overcome barriers to accessing crucial mental health services. This event is a part of our ongoing mental health series, "The Struggle is Real: Affirming Our Strengths in the Black Community," a collaborative endeavor with BlackDoctors.org. 

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An Intellectual Sit-In: Dr. John E. Jacob and Mildred “MIT” Joyner

On April 21, 2021, HUSSW alumnus. Dr. Mildred “Mit” Joyner, our inaugural 2021 John E. and Barbara S. Jacob Social Work Endowed Professor, sat down to speak with Dr. Jacob for an intellectual sit-in.

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