Howard-prepared social workers and scholars are superior advocates for social justice and use historical knowledge to ensure that opportunities are afforded to improve the human condition at individual and societal levels.

Our mission is to enhance human well-being, and change and transform those human, organization, social, and economic conditions which impact the quality of life of African Americans, other people of color, and people throughout the world. Consistent with the mission of Howard University, the School of Social Work is dedicated to the pursuit and advancement of knowledge through discovery, research, partnership, innovative practices, and other scholarly and educational endeavors of its faculty and staff members, students, and graduates. The School places high priority on advocacy for social justice and commitment to life-long learning through community service, international linkages, public policy, and utilization of technology.

Service to the university and the community are critically important. Faculty, alumni and students are consistently engaged in numerous activities to impact change.  Not only do all students participate in field work, but there are also numerous programs & events hosted by the School of Social Work that are designed to equip all HUSSW community members with the skills needed to be advocates and change makers on a local and global scale. 

The School of Social Work continues to produce thought leaders who are committed to the pillars on which Howard University stands: Truth and Service