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Application For Spring 2023 and Fall 2024 Deadlines:

Spring - November 15

Fall - April 1


This accelerated academic opportunity provides a systematic plan for students to continue their higher education beyond BS degree in Human Development and continue a second, separate MSW degree in Social Work.  

High school students, first time in college (FTIC) students, and other students (external to Howard University) who have been admitted to the human development major, and are interested in applying to The Partnership, may apply in the second semester of their freshman year if they meet the 3.2 GPA requirement and are on-track with the accelerated program scheme. For detailed information click below. Please contact  the Howard University School of Education to inquire about more details and/or apply. 

BS/MSW Accerated Program Information

BS to MSW Course Plan

Online MSW

For more information on the the Online MSW program and its admissions requirements, please visit the links below. 

Online MSW Program & Admissions Information

Current Students

2022 HUSSW Student Handbook

At Howard University, all incoming students are required to use Med+Proctor to submit their medical and immunization records.  

Failure to submit this documentation will prohibit you from registering for courses.