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Faculty & Staff

Administrative Officers and Program Chairs

Sandra Edmonds Crewe, MSW, PhD, ACSW

Tracy R. Whitaker, MSW, DSW
Associate Dean for Academic & Student Advancement

Jacqueline Marie Smith, MSW, PhD
Associate Dean for Research 

Robert L. Cosby, Jr., MSW, M.Phil., PhD
Assistant Dean for Administration and Director of the Multidisciplinary Gerontology Center  

Sandra Gammons, MSW, LGSW
Director of Admissions

Janice M. Davis, MSW, PhD, LCSW-C
Director, Clinical Education

Soleman H. Abu-Bader, PhD, MSW
Director, Doctoral Program, Chair Research Sequence



Ruby M. Gourdine, MSW, DSW, LICSW, LCSW​
Chair, Direct Practice Concentration, Co-Chair, Human Behavior & Social Environment Sequence

Altaf Husain, MSW, PhD
Chair, Community, Administration & Policy Practice Concentration; Chair, Curriculum Committee


Full-time Faculty

Altaf Husain, MSW, PhD
Associate Professor

Karen Kolivoski, MSW, PhD
Assistant Professor

Meirong Liu, MS, MA, PhD
Associate Professor

Kendall Moody, MSW, PhD
Assistant Professor

Jacqueline M. Smith, MSW, PhD
Associate Professor

Cudore L. Snell, MSW, DSW, LICSW

Tracy R. Whitaker, MSW, DSW
Associate Professor

Adjunct Faculty

Karen Allen, MSW, LICSW,  LCSW-C  

Maryetta Andrews-Sachs, MSW, LICSW, CGP, FAGPA

Aisha Bonner Cozad, PhD

Anniglo Boone, MSW, PhD, LICSW, ACSW​ 

Rachel Bradley Williams, MSW., LICSW  

Sheryl Brissett-Chapman, MSW,  Ed.M., Ed.D., ACSW  

Stephen Broyles, MSW, MPH

Clinique Marshall Chapman, MSW, LICSW 

Janice Davis, MSW, PhD,  LCSW-C 

Peter Fitts, MSW, LICSW, LCSW-C 

Dawn Hobdy, MSW 

Laura E. House, PhD

Fallon Jones, MSW, LGSW



Stacey Little, MSW, PhD

Andridia Mapson, MSW, PhD 

Chester Marshall, MSW, LICSW, LCSW-C

Shelita Synder Martin, MSW, PhD

Jean McRae, MSW 

Sheryl A.  Neverson, MSW, PhD, LICSW  

Shirley Newton-Guest, MSW, DSW, LICSW, LCSW-C  

Anthea Seymour, MSW

Heather Stowe, MSW, PhD 
​ Lecturer

Christine Wiley, M.Div, D.Min, PhD 


Administrative Staff

Edward Griggs
Adminstrative Assistant, Office of the Dean

Sarah Jackson
Adminstrative Assistant, Office of Admissions         

Katrina Floyd, DrPH, LISW
Director of Student Services




Shavon Minter, MFA
Administrative Assistant, Office of Field Education

Tiffany Pearson
Adminstrative Coordinator, Office of the Dean

Sharon Fletcher
Assistant Registrar

Cheryl Spann
Training Coordinator


Social Work Collections

Angelique Carson



Selected Areas of Faculty Expertise


Ethnogerontology; gerontology; elder abuse, caregiving; grandparents raising grandchildren

Related Faculty: Dr. Sandra Edmonds Crewe, Dr. Jacqueline M. Smith, Dr. Robert Cosby, Dr. Soleman H. Abu-Bader

Diversity/Cultural Competence

Cross cultural social work; human diversity; race, class and gender

Related Faculty: Dr. Berry-Edwards, Dr. Janice Davis, Dr. Atlaf Husain, Ernestine Jones, Dr. Karen Kolivoski, Dr. Meirong Liu, Dr. Jacqueline M. Smith, Parviz Steeds, Dr. Cudore Snell, Dr. Tracy Whitaker

Family and Child Welfare/Children and Youth Development

Domestic/family violence; spirituality; caregiving; foster and kinship care practice and policies; African American males

Related Faculty: Dr. Soleman H. Abu-Bader, Karen Allen, Anniglo Boone, Dr. Cheryl Brissett-Chapman, Dr. Sandra Edmonds Crewe, Dr. Janice M. Davis, Dr. Janice Edwards, Peter Fitts, Dr. Ruby Gourdine, Dr. Cynthia Harris, Ernestine Jones, Dr. Philip Lucus, Jean McRae, Dr. Jacqueline Smith, Parvaz Steeds, Dr. Cudore Snell

Health Care

AIDS/HIV; health care policy; health disparities; substance abuse; ethics; public health; women's health; substance use and abuse

Related Faculty: Dr. Anniglo Boone, Dr. Janice M. Davis, Peter S. Fitts, Stacey E. Little, Dr. Sheryl Neverson Nichols, Dr. Shirley Newton-Guest, Dr. Cudore Snell, Dr. Robert Cosby

Housing and Community Development

Community building; public and affordable housing policy; resident leadership; continuum of care; programs and policies addressing homelessness.

Related Faculty: Dr. Sandra Edmonds Crewe, Ernestine F. Jones, Dr. Stacey Little, Jean McRae, Parvaz Steeds

International/Global Social Work

Disaster mental health/emergency management; community engagement; displaced populations; refugee and immigrant families; disaster relief.

Related Faculty: Dr. Soleman H. Abu-Bader, Dr. Atlaf Husain, Dr. Meirong Liu

Mental Health

Behavioral medicine; cultural competence; evidence-based assessment; epidemiological methods; ethics; developmental disabilities; mental health policy; system of care.

Related Faculty: Karen L. Allen, Dr. Janice Berry-Edwards, Dr. Janice M. Davis, Peter S. Fitts, Dr. Andridia V. Mapson, Dr. Sheryl Neverson Nichols, Shirley Newton-Guest

Organizational Management

Capacity building; information technology; program development and evaluation; supervision; not-for-profit management; leadership; entrepreneurship

Related Faculty: Dr. Soleman H. Abu-Bader, Stephen Broyles, Dr. Sandra Edmonds Crewe, Ernestine F. Jones, Dr. Stacey E. Little, Dr. Meirong Liu, Jean McRae, Dr. Shirley Newton-Guest, Dr. Jacqueline Smith, Dr. Robert Cosby


Community-based research; cross cultural development and research; social research practice; evidence-based practice; outcome measures

Related Faculty: Dr. Soleman H. Abu-Bader, Dr. Janice Berry-Edwards, Dr. Atlaf Husain, Dr. Karen Kolivoski, Dr. Robert Cosby, Dr. Meirong Liu, Jean McRae, Dr. Jacqueline Smith, Parvaz Steeds, Dr. Cudore Snell

Social Policy

Advocacy; criminal justice; ethics; policy analysis; faith-based social initiatives/services; social welfare history; welfare reform; child welfare law; social justice

Related Faculty: Dr. Karen Kolivoski,  Dr. Cheryl Brisset-Chapman, Peter S. Fitts, Dr. Ruby Gourdine, Dr. Robert Cosby, Dr. Atlaf Husain, Ernestine F. Jones, Dr. Meirong Liu, Dr. Andridia V. Mapson