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For over 85 years, the Howard University School of Social Work has promoted economic and social justice. Your donation helps to secure the future of community-centric, research-focused Social Work education.

The Howard University School of Social Work was founded in 1935, during a period of immense political upheaval: At the intersection of the Great Depression, the events that would lead to World War II, and the emergence of large-scale social programs, the need for Black social workers was readily apparent.

Despite the abundance of African Americans seeking seeking social work education among the emerging social welfare workforce, few of the recognized schools of social work in America--and none in Washington D.C.--were open to Black applicants. Through the efforts of historical figures like Lucy Diggs Slowe, Dr. E. Franklin Frazier, and Dr. Inabel Burns Lindsay, Howard University rose to meet the need for trained Black social workers. 

Today, the School of Social Work strives towards dismantling oppressed systems and assisting distressed communities.

Ranked in the top 20% of Social Work programs by the U.S. News and World Report, the School of Social Work partners with well over 100 local agencies, programs, and groups. The Multidisciplinary Gerontology Center focuses on social and economic justice issues for elders in the African American community, while the E. Franklin Frazier Center for Social Work Research conducts research on current social and human services issues affecting families, communities, cities, countries, and states.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, agency partnerships have expanded across the country, with out-of-state students participating in field work at local agencies in their current locations. Furthermore, in response to the social concerns affecting the lives of people in diverse communities from infants to aging adults, the School of Social Work has publicized monographs that focuses on the principles of affirmation, strengths, diversity, vivification, social justice and internationalization, Presently, the School of Social Work has published a total of three monographs: Poverty: Research and Reflections from the Black Perspective (2016) and Race and the Intersection of Abuse, Power and Control: Research and Reflections from the Black Perspective (2018) and Addressing the COVID-19 Pandemic Through An Examination of Mental Health Disparities in the Black Community (2021).

With the lack of mental health resources in elementary, middle, and secondary educational institutions, the School of Social Work in collaboration with school and community-based organizations has initiated a new project called "Preparing Responsive and Effective School Social Workers (P.R.E.S.S.). The project will send MSW interns to at-risk schools in Washington, D.C. with the outcome of producing and increasing competent school mental health providers. To find out more about Project P.R.E.S.S., then please click here

A donation to the HUSSW is a donation to research-based economic and social justice.

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